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Entering opening balances in QuickBooks

Entering customer’s opening balances in QuickBooks is not an everyday activity. You will need to enter opening balances into QuickBooks when you first start using your QuickBooks company file. For example if you started a new QuickBooks company file in January, and a customer of yours owed your company £100 on the 31st December, you would need to enter an opening balance for this customer.

To help you deal with customer opening balances I have produced a video showing you how to enter an opening balance for a customer in your QuickBooks file. The video also shows you how to alter a customer balance. For example, when you first created the customer balance you may have thought that the company only had one unpaid invoice. Subsequently you may have found that this customer had two unpaid invoices. This video shows you how to alter the original opening balance.

If you need any further QuickBooks training then we can help you resolve your problems.

This video is recorded in High Definition so that you can watch the video at full screen size at a higher resolution if you want to.

Entering Credit Card Payments into QuickBooks

Quite a few people have problems with entering credit card payments into QuickBooks. I have produced this video to demonstrate a couple of ways of entering credit card transactions into QuickBooks. Both methods ensure that the VAT is added into QuickBooks correctly.

I also demonstrate how to reconcile the credit card account and then pay the credit card bill.

The video is recorded in HD so that you can watch the video at full screen at a higher resolution is you want to.