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QuickBooks 2013 release date

QuickBooks 2013 released soon

QuickBooks 2013 is expected to be released at the end of the week. QuickBooks 2013 is available now for “Pre-Order” from Amazon.

QuickBooks 2013QuickBooks 2013

QuickBooks 2013 – Amazon is now taking orders

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What is new in QuickBooks 2013?

I have not yet received my copy of  QuickBooks 2013 yet, but so far I have found out that the following are likely to be in the new version:-

  • New User Interface. We can expect an overhaul of the graphical layout of the software. In particular there will be a customisable navigation bar on the left hand side. We are promised fewer clicks to get things done.
  • Keep a track of leads in QuickBooks. For the first time you will be able to keep sales opportunities and business leads within QuickBooks. If this lead turns into new business you can covert the lead into a customer without having to reenter the contact details. You will also be able to rate the leads as hot, warm or cold.
  • Easier to send your accountant figures. QuickBooks have simplified the process of sending your accountant your latest figures.


QuickBooks 2013 release

QuickBooks 2013 is about to be released. I would expect QuickBooks 2013 to be released in the next week or so.

We have got used to releases from QuickBooks every 2 years, so it’s unusual for them to release QuickBooks 2013 so soon. In America QuickBooks release new versions every year. So hopefully the release of QuickBooks 2013 will bring the UK annual releases.

Normally I get involved in the beta testing of new versions of QuickBooks, but due various commitments this year I did not sign up for testing this time. So I can’t give you a sneak preview this time – sorry!

What can we expect in QuickBooks 2013

QuickBooks new releases are usually evolutionary rather than revolutionary, so I don’t usually recommend that people automatically update each time a new version is issued.

Should you update to QuickBooks 2013?

If you are using QuickBooks Payroll you will have to update when older versions no longer have payroll support. If you are still using QuickBooks 2008 or earlier you may find the improved VAT control features and better customer and supplier visiblity worth changing for.

As a QuickBooks Professional Advisor I will automatically get a new version of the software when it is released, so I will report back if there are any “must have” features in the new release.

If you have any questions, or if I can help with any QuickBooks issues, then please get in touch.