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QuickBooks 2012 released

QuickBooks have announced their new QuickBooks 2012 desktop software and my mobile phone is currently swimming in the Mediterranean!

QuickBooks have released their 2012 version of the software. It is now available to download from their website as a monthly subscription service, and the boxed versions will start appearing in the shops during November.

Due to various other commitments I did not take part in the beta testing of the QuickBooks 2012. So today will be my first opportunity to try out the new software.

The QuickBooks 2012 comes in five versions:

QuickBooks 2012 SimpleStart

• QuickBooks 2012 Pro

• QuickBooks 2012 Pro + Payroll

• QuickBooks 2012 Premier

• QuickBooks 2012 Premier Plus

Pricing details are not available yet for the boxed versions. I’ll send details when they are available. Improvements are supposed to include the following:

• New setup wizard to get new users up and running quickly

• Easier system to import contact details from Excel or address books

• Calender view. An improved to-do list captures more relevant information and displays it on the calendar.

• Collection Centre, allows you to stay on top of money you are owed and BA built to send collection notices from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts.

• Batch Invoicing. Automatically create a set of invoices for customers that received the same service.

• QuickBooks Search. Improved search capabilities to find reports invoices or contacts, by keyword.

• Payroll 2012, allows you to save and resume your payroll so that you can come back to it later.

• New net-to-gross calculator lets you input a net figure for a bonus, and payroll will calculate the appropriate gross figure.

I am going to be downloading my version of QuickBooks 2012 today. So I will let you know how I get on with the new software and whether it is worth upgrading your version.

…….finally my poor mobile phone!

While on holiday in France last week my iPhone decided to take a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite my best attempts I was unable to catch it, so please note if you normally call my mobile, or to text me, please allow a couple of weeks for normal service to be resumed.

If you want to contact me please either e-mail me at [email protected] or telephone the office on 01254 825676 or 0208 1234 262.