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QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition

QuickBooks Enterprise UK version released

QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition

QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition

QuickBooks have quietly released a UK version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solution. Its full title is QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0.

QuickBooks Enterprise edition has been available in the USA for over a decade. So it is good to see that the QuickBooks Enterprise edition has at last been released in the UK.

Some UK QuickBooks users have found that as their business grows, they run into capacity problems with QuickBooks. For example QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions have a maximum of 14,500 list items. The new QuickBooks enterprise solution now allows a maximum of 1 million list items.

QuickBooks Enterprise UK editions’ key features are:

  • Ability to track up to 1,000,000 customers, suppliers and items
  • Advanced access and permission set up for up to 30 concurrent users
  • Greater data sharing capability and advanced analysis
  • Merge company reports for a wider perspective
  • Up to 750 different pricing levels

QuickBooks Enterprise UK YouTube video


What is good and bad about QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition

The Good things about the QuickBooks Enterprise version

  • Increasing the limit of customers and items will help those companies that would have previously had to move away from QuickBooks when their company grew too large.
  • The user interface of QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition is almost identical to the current QuickBooks 2012 desktop products. Anyone who has used QuickBooks Pro or Premier edition will have no problems navigating around the new software.
  • Migration from QuickBooks Pro and Premier to Enterprise looks straight forward.
  • With the QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition you would be able to have separate sites in the organisation produced their own separate QuickBooks company files. You can then combine the separate QuickBooks reports into an overall of the organisation.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition allows exact control over what individual users can see and do.
  • Improved output of reports to Excel, Access and Crystal reports

The Bad – Things I don’t like about this version of QuickBooks

In the American version of QuickBooks Enterprise they have superior stock control handling. For example the American version of QuickBooks Enterprise they are able to:

  • Track serial numbers or lot numbers.
  • Use first in first out (FIFO) stock costing
  • Track stock in multiple locations
  • Transfer stock from one location to another
  • Track stock in multiple warehouses

Unfortunately none of these options are available in the UK QuickBooks Enterprise  UK edition. However I have been told that the next version that follows this 2012 release should have these features included.

Although the ability to export data from QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition has been improved, there doesn’t appear to have been any attempt to improve data importing facilities.


Back in 2009 I joined the QuickBooks Professional advisor scheme in the USA and I saw how far behind the States we are in terms of the features in our UK QuickBooks software. So it is good news that we are at long last getting QuickBooks Enterprise in the UK.  It would have been good to have had the additional stock control options and improved import facilities from external systems.  You can find out more about QuickBooks Enterprise from the QuickBooks UK website.

QuickBooks UK withdraw support for QBooks 2006

QuickBooks UK have announced that as from 30th September 2010 they are withdrawing support plans and payroll support for QuickBooks 2006. You can continue to use QuickBooks 2006 after this date, but QuickBooks will not provide support.

We will continue to support QuickBooks 2006, so please contact 0208 1234 262 if you need assistance.

QuickBooks 2008 is having its support removed on 5th April 2011.

Now that QuickBooks 2010 has been released, it is obvious that QuickBooks are desperate to get everyone to upgrade to the latest version. At Adapt Computing we will continue to provide support for the older versions.

Please contact us if you need assistance.

USA version of QuickBooks 2009 installed on Windows 7

I have obtained a copy of the American version of QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2009, as part of my joining the American QuickBooks ProAdvisor scheme.  I have chosen to install it on a separate dual-boot hard drive in my PC. For the more technical of you, the specification of the PC is:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.00 GHz processor
  • 4 Gb Ram
  • 1000 Gb hard drive
  • Running Window 7 Ultimate Evaluation Copy Build 7100

The QuickBooks install went without a hitch, just the usual “Next”, “Next” clicking routine.  I installed the Google option, and can confirm Charlie Russell’s findings about problems with Google.  Windows 7 gave an error message when trying to install Windows 7 updates. The error code indicated Google Desktop was at fault. Uninstalling Google Desktop allowed the Windows updates to work normally.

The QuickBooks 2009 installation worked well and appeared to open relatively quickly on Windows 7.  Updating QuickBooks to the latest version using automatic updates worked well.

So in conclusion QuickBooks 2009 and Windows 7 appear to be working harmoniously together.  I’ll use the system over the next few days and report back if any issues come up.

Becoming an American QuickBooks ProAdvisor

I have recently joined the QuickBooks ProAdvisor scheme in America.  Yesterday the starter pack arrived in the post. The list of software supplied is as follows:

  • QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2009
  • QuickBooks Simple Start 2009
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2009
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale 2009

This is a very impressive list, and when the QuickBooks 2010 software gets released, QuickBooks will be sending the 2010 versions.

I intend to run this on a PC I have which has Windows 7 on it. I will see how that install goes.  So far I have found that Windows 7 is like a version of  Windows Vista that works!  Think of it as Vista without the headache.

Okay, I work in the UK, so why do I want to join the QuickBooks ProAdvisor scheme in the USA?  Well my reasons are as follows:-

  • In the UK we tend to get updated versions of QuickBooks many months/years after the USA. For example our version of QuickBooks 2008, which came out in 2007, still hasn’t been upgraded. In the States the QuickBooks 2010 is expected soon.
  • I wanted to see the American versions to see what features would be coming our way in the next version. This way I would be ahead of the game.
  • American companies operating in the UK would be using the UK or American versions of QuickBooks.  I see this as an opportunity to support these American based companies.

There is also the opportunity to train, and be certified, as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  I have been a Quickbooks ProAdvisor in the UK for 5 years and I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning about these new versions of QuickBooks.

Initial impressions are that the support supplied by QuickBooks in the States, in terms of material available on their Prodvisor website and forums, looks superior to the UK’s.

I will keep you informed how I get on over the next few weeks.