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QuickBooks 2010 R3 product update released

QuickBooks have released a new product update, R3. The main changes appear to be concerned with fixing errors in paying high earning directors and providing the new 20% Vat rate in new company files.

Over the next few days you should expect to see a request to install the update when you open up QuickBooks

0870 telephone number to be discontinued

The Adapt Computing 0870 telephone number is going to be discontinued in 30 days time. The number is more expensive for many clients to call and we have not listed it as contact method for over 3 years. Some of my ancient business cards will have the 0870 number on them, so it is time to put them in the paper recycling!

Please the 01254 825676 or 0208 1234 262 telephone numbers to contact us here at London QuickBooks.

Data Backup

Computer data, like many things, is only missed when it’s gone! We all assume that the files and pictures that we’ve created will exist happily on our computers. We know that computers can go wrong but we assume that ours will be one of the lucky ones. In my role as an IT consultant I often come across people who have had a problem with their PC which means that they have lost all their data. There are ways of recovering data that these can often be very expensive.

So why don’t we backup? We all know we should, but many people don’t. Here’s a list of some of the excuses that I have come across from people that don’t backup properly:

  1. It’s too complicated.
  2. I do it when I remember to. The last time was about six months ago, I think!
  3. Someone else does it. I’m not quite sure who that other person is!
  4. I forgot.
  5. My USB stick is too full.
  6. I backup regularly every week, and the DVD that I backup to is in the machine that was stolen.

So what’s the solution? A good backup system should be automatic and move the files away from the PC that holds them. It is no use backing up the data on your PC if the backup also gets destroyed by the fire/flood/theft that has occurred.

One of the best systems that I have come across is from IDrive. This provides a password protected area on the Internet that can store all your files. So if there is a fire or theft then your data can be downloaded again. They also provide software that will check if any of your files have changed, and if they have, it will backup the new version. IDrive provide 2 GB of data space with an account that is free of charge.

You can get IDrive account, which has 150 GB of storage space, for less than $50 per year. If you think how much your photos and documents are worth to you, then $50 looks like good value. Another advantage of IDrive is that you can retrieve your data from any location: all you need is an Internet browser. This can be very useful if you are away from the office and you need a file urgently.

The first time that you backup all your data to the Internet can take a very long time. This is because broadband connections download data quicker than they upload data. So be prepared for the initial upload to take many hours or even days. Once the initial backup has been done it is only those files that have changed that get backed up.

So have a think about your current backup arrangements and have a look at IDrive on the link below


IDrive Online Backup

QuickBooks 2006 payroll will not work next month

As mention back in June, QuickBooks 2006 payroll will not function after 30th September 2010. So if you are using QuickBooks 2006 then you need to upgrade to QuickBooks 2010 very soon.

If you have bought a year’s subscription to QuickBooks payroll then you must upgrade to QuickBooks 2010 to use the rest of your year’s subscription.

You can purchase your new version of QuickBooks 2010 from this website.

QuickBooks 2010 UK release R2 update

QuickBooks UK have released the first update to the UK version of QuickBooks 2010.

According to QuickBooks UK this resolves the following issues

• Supplier BACS Information can now be displayed in the Supplier Report.
• Fixed an issue preventing customer/supplier/Accounts lists to be imported via IIF. These lists can now be imported as expected.
• Fixed an issue preventing some customers’ files from upgrading to QB2010, giving error code: 16148 80868 or 16093 43842.
• Memorized reports containing Units of Measure information will now open in files updated from QuickBooks 2008.
• The EC Sales List now reports the Net amounts associated to the ESS and ESZ (EC Goods on Services) VAT Codes.
• VAT Registration number is prevented from displaying in the S.O Number field on printed Invoices.
• Customers can now use the TAB key to move between the Account, credit, and debit fields when making General journal entries.
• When setting Balance sheet format preferences for a company file, the preferences are not applied to other company files, allowing for each company file to have a custom format preference.
• E-Mailing pay slips to employees paid by BACS is now available.
• Fixed an issue that was causing QuickBooks to crash when users tried to modify the VAT Exception Report.
• Adding a job for a foreign customer now allows you to select the currency for the customer job.
• Fixed an issue preventing customers from filing VAT if they were expecting a refund AND have multiple AR accounts.
• Added the option to view Prior VAT Returns in QuickBooks Simple Start

If you have the QuickBooks Auto Update feature enabled, QuickBooks will ask you to confirm the installation of the latest version. The update was released on Thursday 29th July 2010.

Why has QuickBooks hidden 2010?

Normally when you have a new product your marketing team make sure that the new product looks “new”. I think someone at Intuit must be sleeping. Nowhere on the outside of the QuickBooks 2010 CD box does it say “2010”.

To find a reference to 2010 you need to have bought QuickBooks 2010, unwrapped it and then opened up the CD case. I am not a marketing expert, but surely if you are trying to sell QuickBooks 2010, then the name – “QuickBooks 2010” – ought to be visible on the outside!

If you don’t believe me, have a look for yourselves:-

QuickBooks Pro with 2010 hidden

QuickBooks Pro with 2010 hidden

QuickBooks  Premier with 2010 hidden

QuickBooks Premier with 2010 hidden

Thankfully the QuickBooks 2010 software design team have done a better job than the marketing team!

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QuickBooks UK withdraw support for QBooks 2006

QuickBooks UK have announced that as from 30th September 2010 they are withdrawing support plans and payroll support for QuickBooks 2006. You can continue to use QuickBooks 2006 after this date, but QuickBooks will not provide support.

We will continue to support QuickBooks 2006, so please contact 0208 1234 262 if you need assistance.

QuickBooks 2008 is having its support removed on 5th April 2011.

Now that QuickBooks 2010 has been released, it is obvious that QuickBooks are desperate to get everyone to upgrade to the latest version. At Adapt Computing we will continue to provide support for the older versions.

Please contact us if you need assistance.