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QuickBooks 2015 and Windows 10

Testing QuickBooks 2015 with Windows 10

With Windows 10 now released, I though it would be worth checking that the desktop version of QuickBooks 2015 works okay with the new Windows operating system. There have been problems in the past when the newly released Windows operating systems have been incompatible with latest desktop versions of QuickBooks.

WIndows 10 operating system

Windows 10

Windows 10 was released on 29th July 2015. It is a free update to most people with Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you are wondering where Windows 9 went to, it has been suggested that to the German speaking market it would sound like Windows No!

I tested the installation on a spare laptop that I have. It usually pays to be cautious when adopting new technology. In the first weeks and months of a new operation system release there are usually incompatibilities that get noted and fixed at a later date. So I will not be installing Windows 10 on my office PC until I am certain that the majority of this problems have been worked out.

Installing QuickBooks 2015 Desktop version

I installed the latest version of QuickBooks 2015 desktop (this is currently QuickBooks 2015 Release 6) on to my spare laptop.


QuickBooks 2015 and Window 10 results

So far after a couple of days of testing I couldn’t find any incompatibilities with QuickBooks 2015 and Windows 10. Hopefully this will stay the case but if I pick up any problems with QuickBooks I will report back via this block.



  • QuickBooks is the copyright of Intuit Ltd
  • Windows 10 is the copyright of Microsoft Corporation

QuickBooks 2013 release date

QuickBooks 2013 released soon

QuickBooks 2013 is expected to be released at the end of the week. QuickBooks 2013 is available now for “Pre-Order” from Amazon.

QuickBooks 2013QuickBooks 2013

QuickBooks 2013 – Amazon is now taking orders

Click on one of the above links to take you to the appropriate page.

What is new in QuickBooks 2013?

I have not yet received my copy of  QuickBooks 2013 yet, but so far I have found out that the following are likely to be in the new version:-

  • New User Interface. We can expect an overhaul of the graphical layout of the software. In particular there will be a customisable navigation bar on the left hand side. We are promised fewer clicks to get things done.
  • Keep a track of leads in QuickBooks. For the first time you will be able to keep sales opportunities and business leads within QuickBooks. If this lead turns into new business you can covert the lead into a customer without having to reenter the contact details. You will also be able to rate the leads as hot, warm or cold.
  • Easier to send your accountant figures. QuickBooks have simplified the process of sending your accountant your latest figures.


QuickBooks 2013 release

QuickBooks 2013 is about to be released. I would expect QuickBooks 2013 to be released in the next week or so.

We have got used to releases from QuickBooks every 2 years, so it’s unusual for them to release QuickBooks 2013 so soon. In America QuickBooks release new versions every year. So hopefully the release of QuickBooks 2013 will bring the UK annual releases.

Normally I get involved in the beta testing of new versions of QuickBooks, but due various commitments this year I did not sign up for testing this time. So I can’t give you a sneak preview this time – sorry!

What can we expect in QuickBooks 2013

QuickBooks new releases are usually evolutionary rather than revolutionary, so I don’t usually recommend that people automatically update each time a new version is issued.

Should you update to QuickBooks 2013?

If you are using QuickBooks Payroll you will have to update when older versions no longer have payroll support. If you are still using QuickBooks 2008 or earlier you may find the improved VAT control features and better customer and supplier visiblity worth changing for.

As a QuickBooks Professional Advisor I will automatically get a new version of the software when it is released, so I will report back if there are any “must have” features in the new release.

If you have any questions, or if I can help with any QuickBooks issues, then please get in touch.

QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition

QuickBooks Enterprise UK version released

QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition

QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition

QuickBooks have quietly released a UK version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solution. Its full title is QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0.

QuickBooks Enterprise edition has been available in the USA for over a decade. So it is good to see that the QuickBooks Enterprise edition has at last been released in the UK.

Some UK QuickBooks users have found that as their business grows, they run into capacity problems with QuickBooks. For example QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions have a maximum of 14,500 list items. The new QuickBooks enterprise solution now allows a maximum of 1 million list items.

QuickBooks Enterprise UK editions’ key features are:

  • Ability to track up to 1,000,000 customers, suppliers and items
  • Advanced access and permission set up for up to 30 concurrent users
  • Greater data sharing capability and advanced analysis
  • Merge company reports for a wider perspective
  • Up to 750 different pricing levels

QuickBooks Enterprise UK YouTube video


What is good and bad about QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition

The Good things about the QuickBooks Enterprise version

  • Increasing the limit of customers and items will help those companies that would have previously had to move away from QuickBooks when their company grew too large.
  • The user interface of QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition is almost identical to the current QuickBooks 2012 desktop products. Anyone who has used QuickBooks Pro or Premier edition will have no problems navigating around the new software.
  • Migration from QuickBooks Pro and Premier to Enterprise looks straight forward.
  • With the QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition you would be able to have separate sites in the organisation produced their own separate QuickBooks company files. You can then combine the separate QuickBooks reports into an overall of the organisation.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition allows exact control over what individual users can see and do.
  • Improved output of reports to Excel, Access and Crystal reports

The Bad – Things I don’t like about this version of QuickBooks

In the American version of QuickBooks Enterprise they have superior stock control handling. For example the American version of QuickBooks Enterprise they are able to:

  • Track serial numbers or lot numbers.
  • Use first in first out (FIFO) stock costing
  • Track stock in multiple locations
  • Transfer stock from one location to another
  • Track stock in multiple warehouses

Unfortunately none of these options are available in the UK QuickBooks Enterprise  UK edition. However I have been told that the next version that follows this 2012 release should have these features included.

Although the ability to export data from QuickBooks Enterprise UK edition has been improved, there doesn’t appear to have been any attempt to improve data importing facilities.


Back in 2009 I joined the QuickBooks Professional advisor scheme in the USA and I saw how far behind the States we are in terms of the features in our UK QuickBooks software. So it is good news that we are at long last getting QuickBooks Enterprise in the UK.  It would have been good to have had the additional stock control options and improved import facilities from external systems.  You can find out more about QuickBooks Enterprise from the QuickBooks UK website.

Recording an Owner’s contribution and drawings in QuickBooks

If the owner of a business put his own money into a company, they can at a later date take the money out and not pay income tax on the money. In the the video below I show how to set up the accounts you need on QuickBooks to do this. The business owner puts the money into an equity account in QuickBooks. This account has separate sub-accounts for Owner’s Drawings and Owner’s Contributions.

In the video I encourage you to enter into QuickBooks any business related expenses as a bill, even if the owner has used his on money. QuickBooks only allows bills to be paid via a bank account or credit card. For this reason I suggest that you create a new bank account called Suspense just to allow the bill to be paid. The Suspense account is not a “real” bank account so it should always be zero. The video shows how to transfer the balance in to the owner’s contribution account.

At a later stage the owner can with draw his own money from the company without having to pay income tax. A payment from the current account can be made and this is linked to Drawings sub-account. All this is demonstrated in the video below:


Upgrading from MYOB to QuickBooks Online

This week I have been in London training a music industry organisation set up their accounts on QuickBooks Online. The need for the QuickBooks training came about because the accounting software company MYOB have withdrawn for the UK. As from the 1st January they will not be able to add any transactions to their MYOB software. This London based organisation chose to go with the on-line version of QuickBooks because they need to access their QuickBooks data from various locations.

The advantages of QuickBooks Online are:-

  • Accessible from any Internet connection.
  • Accessible via Windows PC, Mac or iPhone.
  • It is a Cloud based solution so there are no data backup worries.
  • Accessible anytime – day or night.
There are however disadvantages using the QuickBooks Online version:-
  • There is no option for integrated Payroll
  • The Online version cannot operate the Stock Control facilities that the desktop version has.
  • The QuickBooks time tracking option is not available.
  • There are no Sample Company files provided. So when I am training I have to demonstrate the basic bookkeeping principals in the desktop version.
  • This is a monthly subscription product which can work out more expensive than buying the QuickBooks desktop version.

QuickBooks 2012 released

QuickBooks have announced their new QuickBooks 2012 desktop software and my mobile phone is currently swimming in the Mediterranean!

QuickBooks have released their 2012 version of the software. It is now available to download from their website as a monthly subscription service, and the boxed versions will start appearing in the shops during November.

Due to various other commitments I did not take part in the beta testing of the QuickBooks 2012. So today will be my first opportunity to try out the new software.

The QuickBooks 2012 comes in five versions:

QuickBooks 2012 SimpleStart

• QuickBooks 2012 Pro

• QuickBooks 2012 Pro + Payroll

• QuickBooks 2012 Premier

• QuickBooks 2012 Premier Plus

Pricing details are not available yet for the boxed versions. I’ll send details when they are available. Improvements are supposed to include the following:

• New setup wizard to get new users up and running quickly

• Easier system to import contact details from Excel or address books

• Calender view. An improved to-do list captures more relevant information and displays it on the calendar.

• Collection Centre, allows you to stay on top of money you are owed and BA built to send collection notices from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts.

• Batch Invoicing. Automatically create a set of invoices for customers that received the same service.

• QuickBooks Search. Improved search capabilities to find reports invoices or contacts, by keyword.

• Payroll 2012, allows you to save and resume your payroll so that you can come back to it later.

• New net-to-gross calculator lets you input a net figure for a bonus, and payroll will calculate the appropriate gross figure.

I am going to be downloading my version of QuickBooks 2012 today. So I will let you know how I get on with the new software and whether it is worth upgrading your version.

…….finally my poor mobile phone!

While on holiday in France last week my iPhone decided to take a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite my best attempts I was unable to catch it, so please note if you normally call my mobile, or to text me, please allow a couple of weeks for normal service to be resumed.

If you want to contact me please either e-mail me at [email protected] or telephone the office on 01254 825676 or 0208 1234 262.


Entering opening balances in QuickBooks

Entering customer’s opening balances in QuickBooks is not an everyday activity. You will need to enter opening balances into QuickBooks when you first start using your QuickBooks company file. For example if you started a new QuickBooks company file in January, and a customer of yours owed your company £100 on the 31st December, you would need to enter an opening balance for this customer.

To help you deal with customer opening balances I have produced a video showing you how to enter an opening balance for a customer in your QuickBooks file. The video also shows you how to alter a customer balance. For example, when you first created the customer balance you may have thought that the company only had one unpaid invoice. Subsequently you may have found that this customer had two unpaid invoices. This video shows you how to alter the original opening balance.

If you need any further QuickBooks training then we can help you resolve your problems.

This video is recorded in High Definition so that you can watch the video at full screen size at a higher resolution if you want to.

Entering Credit Card Payments into QuickBooks

Quite a few people have problems with entering credit card payments into QuickBooks. I have produced this video to demonstrate a couple of ways of entering credit card transactions into QuickBooks. Both methods ensure that the VAT is added into QuickBooks correctly.

I also demonstrate how to reconcile the credit card account and then pay the credit card bill.

The video is recorded in HD so that you can watch the video at full screen at a higher resolution is you want to.

Employer Annual Return

Just a quick reminder, 19th May is the deadline for submitting your Employer Annual Return. You can submit your P35 and P14s online with QuickBooks. Almost all employers must file their employer Annual return (P35p and P14s) online. The 2010/11 return must be filed no later than 19 May 2011.

For more information check the HM Revenue & Customs website

Tax return due on 19th May