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Entering Credit Card Payments into QuickBooks

Quite a few people have problems with entering credit card payments into QuickBooks. I have produced this video to demonstrate a couple of ways of entering credit card transactions into QuickBooks. Both methods ensure that the VAT is added into QuickBooks correctly.

I also demonstrate how to reconcile the credit card account and then pay the credit card bill.

The video is recorded in HD so that you can watch the video at full screen at a higher resolution is you want to.

QuickBooks 2008 Demonstration

QuickBooks logo

QuickBooks logo

If you are thinking about buying QuickBooks 2008, then you can view an on-line demonstration of the software. The demo lasts about 5 minutes. It will give you an overview of how the accounting software can help you run your small business.

If you want to you can buy QuickBooks 2008 from this website.

Available on the QuickBooks UK website is a QuickBooks 2008 demonstration (opens up in a new windows)